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email@suzanneminskey.com- business related inquiries only please

Product Reviews:
Interested in having me review one of your products?  I love testing new products!  But remember, I value my integrity and will always post an honest review. Send all business related inquiries to email @suzanneminskey.com  At this time I do not offer a sponsored post for payment.  If you would like to send a product for me to review, I am happy to post an article containing my thoughts on the product and a link to the purchasing page for the item.  These types of links can be referral links, affiliate links, or non-compensated links. 

Link Policies:
Referral Links- Many of my subscription box reviews include referral links where you can sign up for your own subscription.  I get credit on my subscription account for being the person to refer you, which helps me earn free boxes to review in the future.  Helping support this portion of my reviews system encourages more box reviews in the future, and I sincerely appreciate it.  Other reviews may include a referral link for purchasing the products reviewed where I am given a type of credit or tracking to see how my reviews are doing.  Again, this helps me earn more products to review for my readers at little or no cost to myself and supports this blog.  I do not receive any monetary compensation for referral links.

Affiliate Links- Similar to the referral links, these are trackable pieces of code that allow the brand to measure the traffic my reviews drive to their individual product pages.  Affiliate links earn me a commission based on resulting sales.  While I do love writing and experiencing new beauty products, I do operate this blog as a form of income to support my family.  Using the provided affiliate links to purchase the products I review helps to support not only my blog but my income.  That being said, I always give a fair and honest review of a product.  Regardless of whether I like/love the product, many reviews will include this type of link, since it might be something that doesn't work for me but works well for another person.  All my reviews are written without bias on whether or not I will receive a commission from resulting sales.

**Update**: As of October 23, 2013 I do use VigLink.com to monetize many links in my blog automatically to earn revenue to support my blog.  When you hover over these links, they will state that they have been added by VigLink.  If you own a blog and are looking to integrate a super easy system for monetizing your outbound links, I highly suggest using VigLink!  It's just a simple piece of code, and it does the rest for you.  No inserting links manually.  

Affiliate Ad- The sidebar contains ads from companies that I have an affiliation with and work just like the affiliate links.  At this time I do not offer paid advertising spaces that promote a company or blog.  Commissions from these ads are only paid on any resulting sales.

Product Review Links-  Not all links included in my product reviews are referral or affiliate links.  Many of them are simply the links I have provided to the individual product pages for the ease in buying for my readers.  The specific type of link will be included in the disclaimer at the bottom of the review page.

Other questions, comments, or concerns?  Send me an email, and I promise to do my best to respond to it as quickly as possible.  However, it's faster to post a comment on one of my videos or blog posts.  Feel free to use the email address listed above.

Have a Topic you'd like to see discussed?  Tweet it to me or post it on my Facebook Page, and I'll add it to my list of articles to post!

**I love finding new blogs to follow, but I'd appreciate if you would only post links to your blog or related content where appropriate.  Links in the comments section for contests, retail sites, and other non-related content will be considered SPAM and not published.  All comments are manually approved after review.**

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