Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Bad Tans Happen to Good People

I had a bride last week who came to me for a spray tan the Thursday before her Saturday wedding.  She said she's mentioned to her bridesmaids that she was coming in for a tan and did they want to come to?  Well, one of them said she was going to go to an all-night tanning salon that night late after work, around 11.  My bride joked about the kind of person she was likely to run into doing the tanning at that time, and wouldn't you know it was some skeezy old guy.  So at my appointment with the bride I handed her my "When Bad Tans Happen to Good People" handout, a handout I printed out from the supplier of the tanning solution I use (and which I plan to turn into a good article here some time soon!).  She took it home and gave it to her friend who ended up seriously needing it.  Where's the lesson in all of this?  Just because a company has a franchise storefront and flashy ads and "convenient" all night hours doesn't mean that you are going to get quality either.  How many times have you loved a last minute haircut from a Quickie Cuts place?  With some places you pay for quality, some places you pay for convenience.  With my spray tanning, you pay for both.  But in a good way. 

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