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Boots Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

Boots Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

Boots Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

Boots Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

From the Brand:
Reveal a beautiful, radiant complexion with this hot cloth cleansing balm from Boots. Part of the Botanics Organic collection, it contains a luxurious blend of shea butter, rosehip and jojoba oil. The gentle polishing action of the muslin cloth helps remove dirt and impurities for cleaner, healthier-looking skin.

Retails for:  $8.49

Where to Buy:  Target stores and, and

My Thoughts:  Let me just tell you about how much I love this stuff!  It's awesome!  It's helped me detox my skin and pull all the deep crap from in my pores out, and my complexion is so much better for it.  It was definitely a process.  The first time I used it, it was sort of similar to my Clarins Cleansing Milk.  I massaged it on my face to dissolve the makeup, then wiped it off.  The only difference is with this product, you use the included muslin cloth soaked in hot water to wipe the balm off. 

I use the cloth like a compress, holding it over areas of the face so the heat really soaks in and opens up my pores.  Then I wipe the balm off, repeating the process until my skin is clean.  Then I go back over and use the hot compress over my t zone areas, where I find that I get a lot of congestion.  Especially around my chin.  I'm forever finding little breakouts just sitting under the surface waiting to errupt on my next cycle.

The product smells really good, very fresh and clean.  I expected it to be more milky or sticky or something, but it's almost like a wax.  It melts a bit with the heat of your face and the compress, but it never fully liquifies.  It's one of those not really a solid kind of deals, sorta like peanut butter.  Not a solid, not a liquid.

I noticed after the very first use that my pores were getting a good deep cleaning.  Of course, that also led to a lot of breakouts immediately after, as things are being pulled to the surface.  You have to get past that in order to really appreciate how good this is for your skin.  Just like going and getting a deep pore cleaning from a facial.

After a few uses, I realized that I needed to switch to a gentle foaming cleanser afterwards in order to make sure that all the residue was off my face.  It does a really good job of removing my foundation, but at the same time I like to follow up with either a quick wash or at the very least some good toner.  Twice a week I use an exfoliating face wash, as I didn't find enough exfoliation from the muslin cloth itself.  I am also using less moisturizer as well, since this helps to hydrate my dry skin while removing my makeup.

My only drawback to this product is that you have to wash the cloth after every use, or else you're rubbing dead skin cells and old makeup and bacteria into your skin.  I tried using a foaming antibacterial wash from Bath and Body Works after to clean it and left it over the faucet to dry, but it wasn't getting it clean enough.  I have to put it through the wash with the rest of my towels, which I only wash once a week.  I switch out to new towels every other use, so I'd like to be able to buy extra muslin cloths to use a clean one every time.  But that's a relatively small complaint I think.

Final Verdict:  Helps to really purify your skin while removing your makeup.  Plus, the heat feels really good.

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