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Product Review- MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review


MAC Pro Longwear Foundation


From the Brand: A comfortable, long-wearing foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition.  Lightweight and creamy, applies and blends easily leaving the skin feeling soft and free to breathe all day while controlling oil.  Specially treated micronized pigments help give a smoother, more flawless, natural finish with stay-true colour.

Retails for: $31.00

Where to Buy: MAC boutique stores and cosmetic counters at major retails such as Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc;

My Thoughts:  I've never really been a big user of MAC products.  Not that I don't think they are amazing or anything, but I've always had a negative attitude about the company in general for years from working in the makeup artist community.  I started out in retail, so I understand the concept of sales.  I really really do.  When whether I could afford to buy ramen noodles or real food for my family depended on how much makeup I sold that week, it really drove home that even cosmetics retail is still retail and sales-driven.  However, when I branched out into the world of freelance, I found that so many uneducated consumers first assumptions of the term "makeup artist" were one of two things: I worked at MAC or I sold Mary Kay.  Since then, I've had a rather biased opinion of both brands and not on the positive side.


I'll admit my annoyance has colored my opinion, but I still use their products because they work and work well.  I limit my interactions with their salespeople however much like the plague.  I'm a natural girl at heart, and the MAC aesthetic is more similar to drag style makeup than everyday consumer looks.  I've yet to meet a salesperson that was professional and personable without being lofty and judgmental.  Because of this, I'd never branched much outside of their eyeshadows.  They have every color under the sun and in a handy and well-priced pan I can pop into a palette for convenience and organization.


This March after careful consideration, I've decided that I need to overcome my bias and form a more educated opinion of the brand's product range.  I wanted to start with their basic face items, like foundation and concealer as well as setting spray.  Plus, after watching so many bloggers and YouTubers reference their MAC foundation shades, I figured it was high time that I got my color match done if nothing else other than for reference.


Now onto the actual product... I really love this foundation!  The formula is nice and thin with a natural finish.  It's not overly matte, and the coverage is adequate without needing much.  I do layer it in certain areas like around my nose, since I tend to have more discoloration and redness there, and it doesn't make my pores more noticeable like some foundations can.  I use my blending sponge to apply it, although I also really like the finish provided by the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or Buffing Brush.


I don't feel that the wear of this foundation is particularly miraculous compared to any other prestige brand formula, but it also doesn't fade, separate, or settle over time either.  The color did oxidize just a bit though, so it did become slightly darker and with a tiny bit of an orange tint compared to my skin.  It's also in my "summer" color, which is darker than I'd wear year-round because I'm getting more sun action this summer.  For when I'm a little paler, I mix it with a drop of the Makeup Forever HD foundation in #117, and it lightens it up perfectly.  The two formulas don't seem to interfere with one another and effect the finish or the wear.

Final Verdict: Great foundation for those who want a natural finish and buildable coverage. Also a great price for those who can get the pro discount.


**Disclaimer: As with all my product reviews, I was not paid by the cosmetic company to provide feedback or review/promote their products.  All the opinions expressed in this article are my own.  These items were purchased with my own money.

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