Sunday, July 14, 2013

What You Need To Protect Yourself This Summer!

Summer skin and hair protection

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal

Blistex Five Star Lip Protection

Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac

Summer skin and hair protection

Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer with SPF

Summer skin and hair protection

Summer skin and hair protection

Neutrogena Banana Boat Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen for face, body, and lips

During the summer our hair and skin take a beating from the heat and the humidity.  At least they due in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States where I am.  In Virginia, the heat gets up over 100 degrees many days, and the humidity makes it a steamy hazy mess.  If you live somewhere hot and/or humid, knowing how to change up your skincare and haircare routine can be the difference for looking a radiant and glowing as J-Lo herself, or like a melting Popsicle.


Any time that you're going to be outside, make sure you're slathering every exposed area of your skin with a sunscreen.  I like to use three individual products targeted towards the face, lips, and body for the best forumlas for that particular area.  I know like many others out there sunscreen breaks me out, so the Neutrogena Clear Face is a definite for any extended time outside for me.  It doesn't break me out or make my pores itch.  Seriously, where has this stuff been all my life?  It's way stronger than my daily moisturizer with it's SPF of 55.  When I'm not outdoors all day and just want some general sun protection under my makeup, I like to reach for the Jergens Natural Glow SPF 15 for face.  It gives me a hint of color without looking like I'm using a self tanner, all while protecting me from actual sun damage.  I love that it's double duty.  It's also a nice lightweight oil free moisturizer, so it doesn't make me greasy and works well under my foundation without causing it to slide off in the heat.

For my lips again I have two different formulas I reach for depending on whether I'm going to be outside all day at the beach or theme park (or even just doing lawn work).  My heavy duty product is the Hawaiian Tropic with SPF 45.  During these times, I'm usually not wearing any lipstick or other products on my lips, so I want something with a slightly strong protection factor.  The eyes and the lips are the first two places we age since they are very thin skin with little to no oil glands, so they dry up and are effected by sun damage first.  If I just want some hydration and moderate protection, I reach for my Blistex Five star Lip Protection with an SPF of 30.  This is the best smelling, tasting, most hydrating chapstick I've ever used.  It's so nice, I use it even when I'm indoors all day!

On my body I use the Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate when I'm outdoors, since even in summer my skin can be dry.  This is lightweight, absorbs quickly with no greasy residue, and is fairly water resistant.  The rest of the time I like to use the Jergens Natural Glow.  Now they make it with an SPF30, so even if I do spend some unexpected time outside I know I've got some protection already soaked in.  Since I avoid the sun like the plague (my Irish roots means I'm highly likely of developing skin cancer!) I'm so pale, and the Jergens products keep me from glowing!  I've used this for years, and it's the brand I recommend to my spray tanning clients to use to extend the life of their color.  It doesn't turn me dark like a spray tan, but it does take away the edge and at least get me on the normal skin range scale.


Hair is just another form of skin, so it's just as critical to protect it from the damage of heat and humidy, not to mention chlorine if you're at the pool or salt if you're at the ocean.  First thing I pack in my beach/pool bag is a wide toothed comb to detangle it without tearing the hair.  Next, I make sure that I apply either a spray in conditioner with sunscreen or a serum to lock in hydration and lock out humidity and tame frizz.  I'm loving the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal with Argan Oil.  A few drops worked through damp hair and I'm good to go.  I can toss my hair in a braid, and when I take it out have soft touchable waves.

The Accessories:

It's all well and good to protect your skin from the outside, but you have to nourish it from the inside, too! I always keep a bottle of water with me.  I'll even freeze some grapes and use those in lieu of ice cubes to keep my drinks cool without watering them down.  Then, when I'm done I have a healthy snack!  Sunglasses are a must as well, not just for fashion but for protecting your eyes from damaging sun rays.  Did you know that you can get skin cancer in the retina of your eye?!  Blue eyes are especially susceptible, so be sure to wear your shades out whenever you leave the house.   Bacteria also thrives in hot humid areas, and with so many people off of school and work, public areas are major breeding grounds for all things nasty.  I make sure I've got a handy little anti-bacterial gel hanging off my bag everywhere I go.  The ones from Bath and Body Works are the perfect size, and they have adorable holders, too!


  1. Love it. I have so much fun discovering new sun products!

  2. This makes me want to go to the beach! Cant forget the sanitizer for sure! I always carry one around and everyone tries to use mine -__- I dont understand how people go places without it! ;P Im so germaphobe lol.


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