Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Product Review- Tarte Maracuja Oil

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review

From the Brand: 
This nutrient-rich oil contains vitamin C and essential fatty acids to hydrate sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin, leaving skin even toned and smooth without a greasy feel. Pure maracuja oil is a hydrating treatment oil known for its anti-aging and healing properties for firmer, brighter, and smoother looking skin, and will not cause breakouts.

Product Performance: Essential fatty acids repair and rebuild skin, and promote skin recovery by reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation. The nutrient-rich oil instantly hydrates sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin, leaving skin even toned and smooth without a greasy feel. Vitamin C brightens dull skin for a radiant, dewy, and luminous complexion.

Powered By: Maracuja oil: pure maracuja oil has been known to replenish, rebuild and brighten skin. The nutrient-rich essential fatty acids repair & rejuvenate skin for a firmer complexion. The moisture-rich formula replenishes & hydrates skin.

Known as “puro milagro” or “the pure miracle”, only one crop of this rare Amazonian fruit is harvested each year by Amazonian women affiliated with tarte’s cooperative in the Amazon. Piece by piece, they sustainably pick and extract this nutrient-rich seeded pulp from each individual maracuja fruit by hand. This naturally harvested treasure, referred to as the “alma” or “soul” of the maracuja fruit is then hand pressed without the use of heat to guarantee the maximum amount of nutritious essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Retails for:  $46.00 for 1.7 fl oz

Where to Buy:  www.tartecosmetics.com, online at Sephora.com and Ulta.com, in Sephora and Ulta stores

My Thoughts:  I really like the way that this sinks into my skin, and it doesn't break me out.  I'm not sure what about it didn't agree with my skin personally though.  I was suffering from dry flaky patches on the sides of my nose, and instead of fixing and preventing that, it seemed to exacerbate it.  It has a slightly nutty scent to it, nothing overpowering but not unpleasant. I love the bottle.  It's very pretty with it's jewel tone purple and easy to use dropper.  This comes in a lot of of sets from Tarte it seems, and I've got lots of samples of it.  Maybe it will be better to supplement my new skincare routine now that the dry patches have been resolved, so I plan on trying it again to see if the dry patches come back or not.

Final Verdict:  I think this would be a great facial oil for those with combination or oily skin, since it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a residue on the skin.  Drier skins should use in conjunction with a rich moisturizer to lock in the benefits of the oil.

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  1. Another super interesting review. I've been using rosehip oil recently and it's fantastic. I'll definitely have to try this one as well!

    1. Caroline,
      I've heard great things on rose hip oil. We learned in esthetics school that it and primrose oil have the most similar structure to natural sebum of any plant oils, making them very effective hydrators for the skin. Glad you liked the review!

  2. I like both coconut and passion fruit oil- although I must say I enjoy passion fruit in juice blends too


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