Friday, February 7, 2014

Live Life Beautifully

If you're one of my regular readers, you've probably noticed that I've been quite absent from both the blogging world and social media as of the last six weeks or so.  It's been a difficult time for me, with an unexpected tragedy for my family.  The day after Christmas, my husband, sons and I traveled to Florida to visit with my husband's father for the holidays.  Sadly that one week vacation turned into four long weeks of caring for him by his side as he fought his last days in the battle with bile duct cancer.  As you can imagine, my focus wasn't exactly on my blog.

November and December I hadn't been blogging much either, as a result of me working more full time hours with the boudoir photography studio, Capital Boudoir.  Much hasn't changed since I came home just two weeks ago, with me working six days a week for the rush of clients getting photos done before Valentine's Day.  As the studio is looking to expand, I will probably continue working more hours with them both doing hair and makeup and as the booking specialist in charge of scheduling clients.  It's been a nice "promotion", even if it has been a lot of time. 

It doesn't help that my desktop is still out of commission, but not being home I haven't had the necessity or the time to get it fixed.  The bright side to working 40 hour weeks at the studio?  More time to product test new makeup on clients, and some one-on-one time with my laptop to enjoy blog reading and YouTube videos by my favorite gurus.  Looks like one more roadblock to getting more consistent with my own videos, but at least I'll have a list a mile long of my own tutorials and video reviews I want to film by the time things calm down and I can get more time at home in my own studio.  I really hope that this month I can get back to regular blog postings and more active in my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

I know I'm committing one of the cardinal sins of blogging- not posting a photo- but there really isn't something that can accurately express what I've been through in the last six weeks.  The world has lost an amazing man, and I hope that throwing myself into the work I love so much can help to dull the pain over time.  I appreciate the patience of my audience as I come back, and I urge each and every person reading this to please call your mom, your dad, your best friend, your sibling, someone you love and just tell them how important they are to you.  Life is too short to not live to its fullest.  Enjoy it with every breath.  Live Beautifully.

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