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Brush Review- Becca One Perfecting Brush

Becca One Perfecting Brush

Becca One Perfecting Brush

From the Brand: 
What it is:
A true beauty multitasker, this patent-pending brush cuts makeup application time in half by replacing 10 other brushes and tools.

What it does:
From start to finish, primer to powder, The One Perfecting Brush can be used with liquids, creams, powders and anything in between. Non-porous, high-quality natural hair allows product to sit on top of bristles rather than absorbing, ensuring a seamless application with no wasted product. It can be used effectively as a foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, bronzer brush, stipple brush, blush brush, fan brush, concealer brush, kabuki, or sponge.

The bristles are packed in a 3.5 inch horizontal design allowing you to effortlessly and evenly cover larger or smaller surface areas. The density of the brush creates a smooth, even, and airbrushed application every time, taking the guesswork out of brushwork. Flat edges fit the linear contours of your face, while curved corners allow for targeted, more precise application. Long, flexible bristles make a variety of application techniques possible including: targeted application, stippling, blending, contouring, and highlighting.

What else you need to know:
The bristles are free of dye, ensuring they will not lose shape or softness over time, and the unique shape of the handle and soft-touch finish provide complete control during application, allowing you to create your desired look. The bristles are reinforced with shed-resistant technology. However, the brush may lose strands during use. As with the hair on your head, this is completely natural and will lessen with use and proper care.

Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product.

Retails for:  $49.00

Where to Buy:  Sephora stores and online at

My Thoughts:  I saw this in action for the first time back in October when I attended the iFabbo conference in San Fransisco.  Becca Cosmetics was one of the sponsors of the event, and they demonstrated it up on stage for all of us beauty and fashion bloggers.  It was pretty amazing how quickly and easily the makeup artist was able to apply the foundation, powder, bronzer/contour, and blush to the model!  I remember thinking in my head "oh, please, oh, please, oh, please let there be one of those brushes in our swag bags at the end of the day!", and I just about squealed when I found it in there. 

First, let me tell you about these bristles.  They are soft.  Like S.O.F.T.  They buff even thick cream foundation over my face in seconds with barely any left on the bristles themselves.  The surface feels dry immediately afterwards.  I don't know what kind of makeup voodoo that is, but it's pretty awesome.  What that means is that you can apply your foundation with it and then immediately apply powder products with the same brush without having to clean it off first.  And you can go back and forth between colors without them blending and getting muddied up.  The color comes off on your face and doesn't hang around on the brush.

That's not to say that it doesn't get dirty.  You can see in the above images that this is after some use, and the color has worked its way down just a bit into the bristles.  After a few uses, with the bristles being so light, you can definitely see when it's been used and needs a wash.  But it's not getting all over face going back and forth from day to day to use it for the whole gambit of application.  It makes travel super easy.  You can see me using this brush to try the Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation for the first time in my Youtube review.

Final Verdict:  If you want to cut down on how many brushes you have on hand and want something that multitasks like no other, than this is your brush!

**Disclaimer: As with all my product reviews, I was not paid by the cosmetic company to provide feedback or review/promote their products. I was given this item for my consideration through the iFabbo conference from Becca Cosmetics.  This article contains some affiliate links provided through All the opinions expressed in this article are my own. For more information on my policies, please view my Let's Chat page.


  1. I had a similar shaped brush that came with a powder from Benefit and I remember thinking that it was perfect!

  2. This one is so much bigger! It literally only takes a few swipes to cover your face in foundation. It's perfect.


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