Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Product Review- LORAC Front of the Line PRO Eyeliner

Lorac Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner Review

From the Brand:
This high-performing no-smudge, no-budge, water-resistant liquid eye liner boasts a unique automatic delivery system that provides a clean, precise application. The flexible tip provides ultimate control, accuracy and smooth strokes, so you’ll never miss your lines. From very fine to dramatically bold, this versatile pro will take you to the front of the line every time!

Retails for:  $23.00

Where to Buy:  Loraccosmetics.com, Ulta.com and Ulta stores, Sephora.com and Sephora stores

My Thoughts:  I have this in dark brown, and I picked it up last fall I believe from Ulta during a 21 Days of Beauty event they do occasionally.  I was able to snag this eyeliner for only $10!  It was my first experience with a liquid eyeliner from Lorac.  I've used their eyeshadows, the Pro mascara, and blushes before with varied results.  Their palette products can be a bit hit or miss on quality.  Some are better than others.  Individually packaged items seem to be much higher quality consistently.  Their Pro mascara I can't stand the wand on but love with a disposable wand for clients in the studio. 

The packaging on this is a gorgeous gunmetal that reminds me a bit of Urban Decay's packaging but darker.  It looks and feels very high end, and I love pulling it out of my makeup bag to use.  Just something about luxurious metallic packaging that makes me feel fancy.  Am I the only one with a "thing" for metallic packaging?  If it's a gunmetal, sleek silver, bright gold, or my favorite rose gold, I just feel like I'm so glamorous.

The tip is felt and super silky!  It's not stiff at all and flexes just enough to swipe on the color cleanly without being difficult to control.  It deposits a line of liquid liner that dries quickly and is a tiny bit sheer.  I run it over itself twice to get a truly inky dark color.  It sets fast and doesn't flake or transfer, and I can get all day wear from this easily.  I love that it's a dark brown instead of a black, since I have a ton of black liquid liners already.  When I want a softer look without sacrificing the cat eye look, this is what I reach for. 

Once this sets, it's pretty waterproof.  I can wet my finger (ok, let's be honest I lick it) and run it over the top a few times, and the color doesn't budge.  But if I wet (lick) my finger and sit there and rub it back and forth over the line on the back of my hand, it will eventually wear down cleanly.  But it also doesn't make a big smudgy mess.  It's kind of like the color just disappears.

Final Verdict:  A fantastic long wearing liquid liner that's easy to apply and looks fancy in the tube.  Hits all my major criteria for a winner.


**Disclaimer: As with all my product reviews, I was not paid by the cosmetic company to provide feedback or review/promote their products. This article contains some affiliate links provided through Viglink.com. All the opinions expressed in this article are my own. These items were purchased with my own money. For more information on my policies, please view my Let's Chat page.

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