Friday, March 14, 2014

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Review

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Review

From the Brand: 
Achieve a flawless complexion with the silky smooth e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation. The lightweight and oil-free formula blends in naturally for a beautiful semi-matte finish. This liquid foundation applies easily and lasts all day for visibly brighter and radiant looking skin. Using our Flawless Finish Foundation not only restores uneven skin textures and tones, but most importantly, the SPF 15 protects your skin against harmful sun damage!

Retails for:  $6.00

Where to Buy: Target stores,,, and Google is saying Walmart, too but I've never seen it at my local one.

My Thoughts:  I think today is a good day to write up this review since I've been wearing it for most of the day already.  At first when I applied it (with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush) it wasn't too bad.  I originally purchased a color that was too dark, but I got the lightest shade and it matched pretty perfectly.  It hasn't oxidized at all, so that's a definite bonus.  However, that's about where the praise ends.

The coverage is what I'd consider medium.  It evened out my tone well without looking heavy, but I did need to build up to cover the redness around my nose, and it didn't do much at all under my eyes.  It set quickly and hasn't moved on my skin, but it's sucked the life out of my complexion.  I now look very dried out and aged.  It's settled into any fine lines on my face and is clinging to flakes I didn't even realize I had.  I wouldn't call this a semi-matte foundation.  I'd call this a matte foundation once set.

I didn't use a primer first, but I rarely use primers on a daily basis.  Today I'm just at work, trying to get some work done on the blog in between clients.  (It really seems my only time lately to get reviews written.)  I almost want to wash my face before the next person arrives, as I don't want them to look at the status of my skin and think that's my skill as an artist!

My cheek color has also started to look a bit blotchy, and seeing as it's my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush that I love and have used for years with no issues, I'm going to have to assume that the foundation is fading unevenly underneath causing the patchy appearance to the color.

Final Verdict:   I really love most of the products from e.l.f. cosmetics, and I was looking forward to trying this one out.  It's about what I'd expect from a $6 foundation, but for my skin it's not a good fit.  I'll try it again this summer when my face isn't so dried out, and I'll experiment with different primers underneath, too, to add more of a hydration factor.  If you have oily skin, I'd say try it out.  It is only $6, so even if it's not great for you, you haven't wasted too much, and I think that there's a good chance it'll do much better with oilier skins.

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  1. I've always wondered about this foundation. Thanks for the review! I'm sure the foundation would be alright for me as I have oily skin, especially during the summer.

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

    1. I'd love to know how it works for you! I mean for only $6, it's worth a shot!


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