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Almay Clear Complexion Concealer Review

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer Review

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer Review

From the Brand:
Blemisheal Technology contains salicylic acid to heal and conceal blemishes for an even complexion. Mineral complex absorbs oil. Aloe and chamomile soothe skin to help reduce redness.

Retails for:  $6.99

Where to Buy:,,, and wherever you buy drugstore makeup

My Thoughts:  First, have you read my review of the Almay Clear Complexion Foundation?  No?  Be sure to check that out {HERE} after you're done reading this one!  I've got a video so you can see it in action, too.  {By the way, do you like the accompanying video reviews?  Want to see more?  Let me know in the comments below!}

Ok, moving on.... Let's get to the concealer!

This stuff is amazing.  It's truly one of my favorite concealers of all time for breakouts.  It matches my skin perfectly, so I can use it directly on my face.  And it really does work on helping heal my acne.  I wouldn't use it under my eyes at all.  It's too irritating for the delicate undereye area, and it's drying.  I notice a reduction in the size of my breakout within a few hours, and after a few days it's pretty much gone.

The only downside I think is that it's on a wand applicator.  I don't want to dab that directly onto the breakout, as that would put bacteria into the tube of makeup and contaminate it.  Even if the makeup itself has antibacterial properties, it's still not a sanitary way to apply makeup to a breakout.  I have to put some onto the back of my hand and then dab it on with my fingertip or a qtip.  I don't even really like using a concealer brush to cover breakouts.  I'm just too nit picky about contamination, and even being a makeup artist I know I don't wash my own brushes often enough.  In the morning when I'm in a rush to get ready and out the door, I don't want to wash my brushes every time.  And the same applies at night when I'm lucky if I don't crash without taking my makeup off.  And so it goes that I don't wash my brushes as often as I should.  *tsk tsk me!*

It also lasts a good deal throughout the day.  For when my face isn't in need of an all over blemish fighting foundation, like the Almay Clear Complexion Foundation, this does the trick perfectly.  I only have to touch up the concealer maybe once or twice, and that's more often because it's around my mouth, and I eat and drink a lot during the day.  It's also really good at covering the redness from a breakout.  You know how sometimes you can put on a concealer, but after a while the redness starts to show through?  Not with this one!

I love that this is a concealer that does double duty- it fights breakouts while helping to conceal them!  You should be using a different concealer for breakouts than you do for your undereyes anyway, since the areas need different formulations to give you the best finish and wear.

Final Verdict:  If you can find a shade to match your skin perfectly, I'd highly recommend this!  Even if it's just a tad off, you can put this under your foundation and just lightly sponge a bit of foundation over the top to get a nice even blend to the face.  It puts the blemish fighting ingredients right up against the skin anyway.

I want to know!  What's your favorite concealer to cover breakouts?  Do you have a Holy Grail concealer you think I should try?  Let me know below!

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