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The One Stick by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Review

The One Stick by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Review

The One Stick by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Review

From the Brand:
Formula: An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture.
Bombshell Application: Apply to eyelids, cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of color anywhere!
Bombshell Tip: Apply as you would regular eyeshadow, blush or lip gloss.

Retails for:  $16.00

The One Stick by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Review

The One Stick by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics in Girl Crush

Where to Buy:,

My Thoughts:  I got this in an IPSY bag a while back, and it's been sitting on my makeup counter in my "to be tested" box staring me in the face every morning as I get ready.  I finally broke this out the other day and tried it on my cheeks and on my lips to get a feel for both the color payout, the formula, and it's overall versatility as a multi-tasking makeup stick.

Color Payout-  The shade is a light frosty bubblegum pink, so I wasn't expecting anything too shockingly pigmented or bright, and that's exactly what I got: something not shockingly pigmented and not bright.  On the cheeks, it went ok with my fair skin tone but definitely could use a touch of powder blush to look a little more "alive".  It looks almost more like a pink highlighter than a stand alone blush.  After trying it on my cheeks, I didn't even bother on my eyes.  On my lips, I looked like I had a disease. The shade was not flattering at all.

The Formula-  I didn't find that this product lasted very long at all.  There wasn't much color to the cheeks to begin with, and alone it quickly dissolved into my foundation and left me feeling washed out.  When I tried it a second time with some blush dusted on top to help perk up the color and "set" the creaminess of the stick, it gave me a longer wear.   However, it did start to break down my foundation, which wore away sooner and took all the color on top with it.  On the face, I wasn't impressed with it's performance at all.  On my lips, oh geeze.  It chunked up and clung to any minor imperfections, and within a few minutes had moved around and settled.  Again, it looked like I had lips that were peeling off from a disease.  Still firmly in the not flattering category on this aspect as well.

Multi-Tasking-  It didn't work well on my cheeks, so I wouldn't expect it to work well on my eyelids which are more oily, crease, move, and have more heat transfer from the thin skin.  If it can't sit still on my cheeks, I can't see how it would work as an eye shadow.  And the lips, it was really quite horrendous looking.  I applied it in the bathroom, walked downstairs and straight out to my car, where I promptly was horrified at my reflection in the rear view mirror as I was backing out of the driveway.  I'm so thankful I caught a glimpse of myself before I made it all the way to work like that!  Horrified counts as not flattering, right?

Final Verdict:  Big fail.  Glad I didn't spend my own money on it, as I would have returned it right away.  There was nothing I liked about this product.  I'm really disappointed as I absolutely LOVE my powder blush from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics I got from IPSY last year!

Talk to me!  Have you tried this?  Are you an IPSY girl, too and have gotten this or other Be A Bombshell products in your bags?  What are your thoughts?!  SHARE THEM HERE! {Wondering what the heck IPSY is?  Check it out now and join thousands of other women who are already a member!}

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