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Get to Know Me TAG

***This blog was supposed to auto-post on Monday, when I knew I wasn't going to be getting much computer time while my father in law was in town.  Sadly, it didn't go according to my technologically defunct plans.  So here is one of three posts today to catch back up on what should have been going on earlier in the week!***

I saw this on the blog of the lovely Emily of Beauty Broadcast and thought this would be a great addition to my blog.  Being fairly new to blogging again outside the wedding world, I think it's a great way to put information out there for new readers to read as they find my blog!  (BTW, if you haven't checked out Emily's blog or her YouTube channel, I highly recommend it!  She's very personable and knowledgeable and one of my favorite artists to follow!)

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Neither.  It's got a bit of wave to it when I let it air dry.

2. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
Again, neither.  Being in the beauty industry, I have a lot of friends who are hairdressers! lol.  My business partner Krystal is the one I trust with my cuts and colors and is responsible for my vibrant red.

3. Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?
I pretty much keep it in a ponytail most days.  I'm trying to grow my hair out, so I'm not sure how to style it right now.  And the only times I really "do" my hair, it's when I'm working, and it's easier for me to throw it in a ponytail to get it out of my face or in a sock bun. 
4. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
Pedicures in a salon always!  It's my time to get out of the house away from the chores, the kids, the dog, the husband. haha.  I'll gladly pay $30-40 for someone else to rub my feet and pamper me.  It's great after a stressful day.  I don't really do my fingernails much b/c I spend so much time typing, but I want to start experimenting and trying new brands and colors, especially for the blog.
5. How often do you change your nail polish?
Not very b/c it's not on much.  But when I wear it, I have to redo it every 3 days b/c typing makes it chip so much.  Unless it's a gel mani.   
6. Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
Year-round.  I need just as much relaxation in winter as in the summer, even if the only one to see my toes is my hubby.

7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup?
About 25 minutes. 
8. What do you do first? Face or eyes?
Face.  I just always learned that way. And I think that if I'm having a "good skin day" (come on, you know what I mean) and my face looks really good, I don't necessarily need more eye makeup.

9. Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
Collect.  As in hoarder style.  It's an addiction.

10. How often do you wear false eyelashes?
Almost never.  Only if I'm doing a specific look that requires it, but I take them off right after.  I'm not a fan of how they look on me.

11. Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?
 Nope.  Only when I'm doing a wedding and I might be in the background of people's photos.  I make sure that for weddings I'm always looking put together and professional.
12. Do you wear makeup when you're home alone or with family?
 Nope.  When I'm not filming a tutorial or testing products, I don't put makeup on myself.  I feel like it's almost a waste, haha.  Not that I'm going to run out any time soon of course...
13. Will you leave the house without makeup?
Yup.  All the time.  Like I mentioned before, I do my makeup for events and stuff, but I don't feel the need to wear it all the time.  I've gotten away from really doing much for my own looks lately, and I've got to turn that around.  I swore I'd never become one of those moms who completely ignores their looks, and after two kids and total burnout from work it took me over.
14. How many high-end products do you have?
I have no clue how many products I own at all, but about 80% are high end.  I've started to buy more drugstore brands to evaluate them compared to my high end products, but so far I'm still a proponent of investing in good makeup that will last and is better for your skin.

15. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you're getting dressed?
  I work from home most of the time, so my outfits really consist mostly of pj's.  But when I'm going out and need "real clothes" I definitely put a lot of thought into it.
16. How often do you change your handbag?
Every season.  I usually do a basic black for winter, bright colors for spring and summer, and warm tones for fall.
17. What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
I'm "up" by 7 am every morning with my kids, but every other day my husband and I take turns on who gets up with them to get them ready for school, etc.  Weekends I might be up as early as 4 am to get ready for a wedding.  I'm usually in bed between 11 and 12 every night, but I have insomnia problems and fall asleep around 2 am.
18. How often or when do you workout?
 Never.  I'm the laziest person you'll probably ever meet.
19. Left handed or right handed?
20. How tall are you?
21. Do you speak any foreign languages?
I can read a fair amount of French, but I really can't speak it or any other languages beside English.

22. How many pets do you have?
Do my kids or husband count? No?  Ok.  Then I have one dog, Bebe, an eight year old Sheltie.  We also have to fish tanks with a ton of Platys and Mollies.  They breed worse than rabbits, but I have no idea how many are in there right now.

23. How often are you on Blogger?
Every weekday.  I try to make sure that I'm posting the day's blog or working ahead to get blogs ready for future days.  On weekends I'm busy with weddings and spending some time with my family, but I do try to keep my iPad open at night on the couch to read through my favorite blogs via Bloglovin' or SheSaidBeauty.

24. Do you read comments posted on blogs?
Any that are posted on my own, but I don't really read through the posts before mine when I comment on someone else's blog.

25. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?
Yes.  I have a little notepad that I keep track of product I want to try based on blogs and YouTube videos along with ideas for future blog articles I want to write.  I try to keep with with me any time that I'm watching or reading.

26. How did you come up with your blog name?
It's based on my freelance makeup company.

27. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?
I love doing photography as a hobby, but my recent move has made it difficult to get my professional quality equipment out and use.  But when I am, I shoot with a Canon 5D or Canon Rebel T3i (for videos).  Lately though I've been relegated to using my iPhone 4.
28. How often do you clean your house?
I have a cleaning service come in weekly.  Besides pedicures every 6 weeks or so, it's the one thing I treat myself to.  I figure my husband and I work really hard for our money, and we invest and save and are pretty frugal for most things, that I can splurge a little so that I have more time in my day to spend with my kids.

29. What's your favorite color?
30. Do you swear?
Like an f'ing sailor.  It's a very very bad habit that I've had since I was a kid.  Thankfully, my husband isn't totally turned off by it nor does he have a potty mouth like me.  Our kids take after him instead of me!

31. What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Right now it's 9 pm, so I'm going to chat some with my mother in law and watch a little tv before bed.

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  1. It was fun learning about you! I love tags like this for that reason :) xx - Boho Vanity


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