Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why You Should Follow Me on YouTube

Why should you follow me on YouTube?  Let me tell you why...

#1.  It's free.  And it takes like two clicks.  Click HERE to go to the channel, and then find the Subscribe button. Click that.  There.  Done, and it didn't cost you a thing.  Now you have instant access to my wealth of knowledge on all things beauty.

#2.  I actually know what I'm talking about.  I'm not going to teach you how to burn your hair off, give you purchasing advice bought off by the makeup companies, or give you tricks that could cause serious sanitation issues.  I know what works not only my skin tone and shape, but on the skin tones and shapes of the endless clients that I work with day in and day out.  Anything I recommend, I'm going to do so, because it works.  I don't talk about anything I haven't test run on myself or others first.  Same goes for this blog by the way!

#3.  I think I can be pretty funny at times, witty at others, and at my worst not drive you crazy with the sound of my voice.  I'm not going to be crazy and wild and a "what will she do next" kind of girl, but I'll at least make your makeup education not boring.  (And if you've watched YouTube as long as I have, you know that's not always the case for everyone out there!)

So if my words don't inspire you, check out my video above and see for yourself!  Then make my day and make those two little clicks.  Even if you never watch another of my videos again.  Seeing those numbers go up does give me a warm tingly feeling inside! haha!

Want other ways to follow me?  I'm all over!


And of course on Bloglovin and SheSaidBeauty

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