Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Product Review- Tarte emphasEYES Eyeliner

Tarte Emphaseyes Eyeliner Review
Tarte emphasEYES Gel Eyeliner


Tarte Emphaseyes Eyeliner Review

From the Brand:   

Specifically designed for the sensitive inner-rim, this eye pencil imparts a super fine line for a defined, sultry look that lasts all day.

Product Performance: This ultra fine liner easily fills gaps in the lashline and glides perfectly on the inner rims of eyes. Our patented silicone system creates a super creamy, long-wearing formula specifically designed for the sensitive inner rim so it won't fade or run and its dermatologist tested, so it won't irritate the sensitive eye area like traditional wood pencils.

Powered By: Aloe leaf extract: widely-known plant extract with soothing, healing and antiseptic properties that helps maintain moisture balance in the skin

Retails for:   $18.00

Where to Buy:, Sephora Stores,, Ulta Stores,

My Thoughts:   I love that this is made for the inner waterline of the eyes.  I can never find a good mascara that won't fade out to nothing super quickly or end up irritating me eyes.  They have the perfect brightening color, too.  This photo is an old version of the packaging, and they've updated it now.  I haven't used it in forever, and it's time to toss this one, but I figured it was still good enough for a photograph.  I need to purchase a new one in black, as I like to wear color in the waterline a lot more now, and nothing stands up to this formula for that.

Final Verdict:  Like a smokey eye or just some color in your waterline?  This is the formula eyeliner for you!


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  1. Oh that liner looks fabulous. I love that it's for the waterline, that's where I like to wear my liner.


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