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Product Review- Benefit Eye Bright

Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright Pencil Review

Benefit Eye Bright Review

From the Brand:
This instant eye brightener is like a nap in a stick! Perfect for all skintones, this pink perk-me-up brightens your eyes and your spirits in a single stroke. Apply it to the inner & outer corners of each eye and blend for a wide-awake look. For best results, apply as the final step after you've applied other makeup.

Retails for:  $20.00

Where to Buy: and Sephora stores, and Ulta stores,

My Thoughts:  I have this in two versions.  One is in the pencil.  The other is pressed into a pan on the other half of a Boi-ing for a two-in-one concealing and brightening duo that makes my life so nice when space is a factor.  Since one I can use straight on the face and the other I have to use my finger or a brush, I’ve come to appreciate the versatility of the product in the application and it’s effects.

I love a beautiful matte baby pink eyeshadow base color when creating soft romantic bedroom eyes for my boudoir clients.  Problem is, for years I struggled with how to get that sheer wash of pink to stay put and show up without being too overpowering.  I’ve started layering some of the Benefit Eye Bright from the duo pan onto the eyelid and patting the pale pink shadow over the top to lock it in.  (My favorite to use?  The pale pink shade from the Lorac PRO Palette.)  This keeps the cream in place and adds a bit of depth to the pale color without washing the lids out.  I absolutely LOVE how this looks on my clients!  The eyeshadows blend quite beautifully over the top of it when used as a shadow base, and the light pink color brightens up the entire lid quickly and evenly.

If I just need to highlight under the eyes, in the inner corner, or along the brow bone, I can use the stick version to quickly add a literal line of ‘light’ to brighten the area up without needs to resort to shimmery products that can reflect flash or leave fall out where I don’t want it.  I just draw it on straight from the pencil and blend it out with a fingertip or pencil brush and set with a matte bone or pink color.  Voila!  Instant brightening!

Final Verdict:  Add ‘light’ where you want it without the shimmer.  Genius.

**Disclaimer: As with all my product reviews, I was not paid by the cosmetic company to provide feedback or review/promote their products. All the opinions expressed in this article are my own. These items were purchased with my own money. For more information on my policies, please view my Let's Chat page.

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