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Product Review- Perlier Imperial Honey Body Cream Review

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Cream Review

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Cream Review

From the Brand:  Luxuriate in pure bliss. Perlier's imported beauty treatment makes you feel like you've spent the day at the spa!

Retails for:  $40.00

Where to Buy:  HSN.com

My Thoughts:  I was really looking forward to trying this product based on the product description of the imperial honey line I'd read online.  (The description on this particular product is painfully absent of any real information though.)  However, I was really put off by the smell of this body cream.  It was like dunking your head into a bucket of honey.  I think even Winnie the Poo would have thought it was a bit much.  When you hear that a body cream has honey in it, you think it's going to be a light slightly sweet scent but nothing too overpowering, right?  That's at least what I was thinking.

The benefits of honey aren't to be discounted, as it's been a highly praised ingredient in skin care for centuries.  I'd just rather know it was in there rather than feeling like that's the only thing I'd slathered across my body.  For experimentation's sake to write this review, I did use it all over after a shower and forced myself to wear it all day despite my aversion to the scent.

Thankfully, it did deeply hydrate my parched skin, and it absorbed without a sticky feeling at all.  I think that if I'd ended up feeling all sticky and gross afterwards, I'd have had to take another shower.  The scent either faded within the hour, or maybe my nose just gave up trying to deal with it and I got used to it.  I did have a few people ask me what perfume I was wearing, so at least it may just be me that couldn't stand the scent.

Final Verdict:  I hate that I keep hammering on about the smell of the product, but that's the thing that stuck with me the most and makes me give this particular product a thumbs down.  If you like the smell of honey however (which I very obviously do NOT), you'll probably be very very satisfied with the hydration level of this body cream and enjoy the fragrance. That is, if you're up for plunking down $40 for a jar of body cream not too much larger than you can find at The Body Shop for less than half that.

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