Saturday, March 30, 2013

Summer Nail Color Swatches

I've been posting way too late in the day this past week, so I apologize and promise to get my tail in gear next week by prepping my blog posts at night in advance rather than spending the quiet time after my kids go to bed to write my post for the day.  But my eldest has been on spring break, and I guess I'm not so used to having both of the boys home with us during the day!  Little man has been at his worst when it comes to pestering his older brother, the novelty of having him home to play with quickly subdued by having to share mom and dad and the toys all day long now instead of just for a few hours before bed.  Tomorrow is Easter, and big guy goes back to school on Monday, so I'm hoping I can get my tail in gear!

On that note, Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!  Whether you're reading this Saturday night when I post it, or Sunday on the big day itself... or even Monday after celebrating with the family.  Whenever you read this, I hope that Easter was lovely for you! haha

I have been on a real nail kick this week.  I bought an at-home gel manicure set, about $125 in new polish colors (standard polish and gels), and I still shelled out the cash today for a professional pedicure at the local nail salon by Target.  There's just something about getting your feet rubbed by someone else, sitting in that massaging chair with your feet in the hot water... Ahhh.... even if the weather hasn't been cooperating most of this month, prepping my feet for sandal weather sure gets me in the mood for spring!  Plus, my tootsies need to be in top condition for trying on sandals this week. It's time to start shopping for warmer weather apparel!

Since I did a review of some of the Essie Spring Collection colors yesterday, I thought today I'd give my opinions on some of the new colors I've found that I plan on wearing this summer.  Some of those Essie colors did scream a little more summer (or maybe they were thinking spring break in Miami or Cabo) to me, so I put the rest of my summer colors on with the Essie ones.  I tend to gravitate towards blues and corals for summer, as it makes me think of the beach and the tropics in general.  So these were the colors I chose.  And of course a fun neon pink it totally summer!

I also want to say that the Milani coral in Flamin Race is a near perfect dupe for Essie Hip-Anema.  I put the two side by side so you can see.  I did throw on two pastel colors next the the Essie ones, too because I feel like pastels can easily transition into summer as well.  And of course the Pantone color of the year, a nice emerald by Maybelline Color Show.  It may be called tenacious teal, but it really doesn't have much blue to it at all.  (This did require about 4 coats though.  It's super sheer, so keep that in mind when applying it on yourself!)

In order, the colors are: (Brand, color name)

  1. Orly, Beach Cruiser (this photo doesn't do it justice, it's really a very 80's neon pink)
  2. Orly, Skinny Dip (one coat- it's very sheer)
  3. Orly, Skinny Dip (three coats- more like what it looks like in the bottle)
  4. Milani, Quick Teal
  5. Milani, Flaming Race (just a touch pinker than Essie's color, but darn close for half the price)
  6. Essie, Hip-Anema (slightly redder than the Milani color)
  7. L'Oreal, Lacey Lilac #119
  8. Maybelline Color Show, Green With Envy #320
  9. Maybelline Color Show, Tenacious Teal #330
I'm sorry for the low quality of images recently.  Since we are moving, all of my photography equipment is packed away right now, and I'm relegated to using my iPhone to capture shots of my swatches for now.  Since I can't focus on my own arm or nails (or anything up close really) without a macro lens, I'll probably end up picking up a point and shoot at Best Buy some time soon so I can really show off the colors to you better.

Update on the Essie polish I put on Thursday night- it's already majorly chipping! :(  Bummed out!  I think it's because my nails underneath are so brittle from wearing gels for the last few months, and I didn't put a good top coat on them either.  Any recommendations for an awesome topcoat?

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