Thursday, March 28, 2013

Essie Nailpolish- First Reaction and Spring Color Swatches

Ever have one of those days where it seems like the clock is playing tricks on you, and it's ticking by so much quicker than you thought?  Today has been one of those days, so I apologize this post is coming so late!  At least I got it in before midnight, so that counts for today, right?

I think I'm the only woman on the planet who has never used the Essie nailpolishes before.  I seen them in magazines everywhere, and I'm always drooling over the colors.  Something about seeing the color dripping all over the white handle of the bottle always makes them look so amazing!  Yet every time I've gone to Target for polish, I've skipped over them for some weird reason.  Maybe it's because I wasn't supposed to use them for the first time until it was time for me to do a review on them.

Yesterday I decided that in addition to doing makeup reviews, I'm going to also review nail polish colors for my favorite makeup brands and the new lines of the big guns like Essie, Opi, China Glaze, etc.  What better time than at the beginning of spring, when everyone is priming up to get their tooties ready for sandal weather? (IF it ever gets here!)

essie nailpolish spring collection avenue maintain
Avenue Maintain- looks a little more teal in this photo due to lighting.  The swatches below with a white background give a more accurate depiction.  The color is a bright mid-tone blue, bordering on Robin's Egg Blue.

My first reaction: OMG!  I used the color Avenue Maintain to paint my left hand for an image of me holding the bottle, and I couldn't believe how creamy and pigmented it was!  I'm so used to the colors in the bottle being so vibrant and rich, and then the color going on sheer and needing a couple coats to achieve the look it has in the bottle itself.  Not so with Essie!  In fact, every color I applied to the swatches only needed a single coat.

I didn't get all of the new colors.  I do have kids to feed, too! haha.  But these were the ones that really stood out to me.  I guess I'm in a big blue phase right now, because in addition the the three pictured here, I also got one from Orly.

In order: 
* Hip-Anema- A GOREGOUS bright coral color. I can't wait to wear this this summer.
* Bond With Whomever- A soft lilac with enough warm undertones that I don't look like a corpse with my fair winter skin. perfect for Spring with all the pastels on the market right now
* Bikini So Teeny-  Another pastel, this is a chalky light blue.  I can totally see this as the perfect pedicure color for bridesmaids!
* Avenue Maintain-  The beautiful mid-tone blue I painted on my nails.  Looks much darker in this photo than real life.  (sorry for the crappy iPhone photos!  My camera didn't want to focus so close up.)
* Butler Please- The perfect summer blue.  Reminds me of the tropics.  Again, looks a bit darker on screen than in real life.

Even though two of these are more "summer" to me than "spring", I think these colors are a total hit, and I look forward to buying more in the future.  I'd definitely recommend them!  The big test for endurance will come from tomorrow's photoshoot I have in the morning, and we'll see how the color lasts into next week.  Since I only have my left hand painted right now (and I'm too lazy to get up early tomorrow morning to do it before I leave), I may end up taking it off and re-doing it for endurance at a later date.

Disclaimer: As with all my product reviews, I was not paid by the cosmetic company to provide feedback or review/promote their products.  I purchased these products with my own money at my own discretion.  All the opinions expressed in this article are my own.


  1. Hi Suzanne! I think I want "Bond w/ Whomever" next! I'm looking for a dupe of OPI's lucky lucky lavender. Btw I'm following you now through Blog Lovin' and GFC! Come swing by my lil baby blog too! I bought Butler Please this week - gorgeous, but lil outside my comfort zone.

    1. Hey Meesha! I'm following you with Bloglovin' too! :) I'm looking forward to trying out Butler Please this summer with a fun red bikini. I think it will give it a nice classic twist. Maybe with a white boho bag or floppy big sun hat. I love that it's a bright blue without being electric and it's not as deep as a navy.

    2. Wow, sounds like a hot lookin' outfit! Pair it up with a red-orange lippy!


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