Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Follow Me with Bloglovin'!

While searching online for new blogs to follow, I realized that my Google Friend Connect wasn't working, and I never was one much for the feed reader anyway.  I like to follow my blogs through Facebook.  Most blogs have some kind of linking system that automatically posts to their Facebook page when a new blog is up, and I see that in my regular feed. I can choose to go in and read it, or I can choose to bypass it.

But now that I'm consistently blogging myself, and I really want to immerse myself in the community, I figured it was time to find something else new that works.  Enter BlogLovin'.  I saw a cute little icon on someone's blog, and after clicking it was taken to the BlogLovin' site.  This to me is the perfect answer for my situation!  I can download the app for my phone (which I have!) and get access to all the blogs that I follow.  Or, I can log in through the web browser on my iPad and see their posts.  Best yet, when I've read something, it dims the post on my list so I know I've already read it.  And it gives me an icon of how many recent posts by that author I haven't read yet so I don't waste time going to blogs that haven't updated anything lately.

Plus, you can use it's handy search bar to find blogs to follow that already use the service!  Genius!  I've already found a TON of great new makeup blogs and beauty blogs to follow.

Here's a screenshot I took with my phone.  It was all I could get that had the logo in it.

If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly suggest you do!  Simply click on the icon on my sidebar or the link below, sign up for a free membership, and you can start keeping all YOUR blogs in order, too!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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    1. Thanks! I followed you back, too and liked your FB page. I look forward to following along with your work! :)


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