Friday, June 7, 2013

Makeup Tip #8: Keep your lipstick from feathering

If you wear lipstick but have problems with it bleeding out into the fine lines around your mouth or sliding around, you should rethink what you apply around the edges of your lips to keep it in place.  Unless you're using a lip liner that matches your lips exactly or your lipstick exactly (and really, who has the kind of money to buy perfectly coordinating lipliners for every lipstick they own?) chances are as the lipstick itself wears away from normal activities like eating, drinking, and eh-hem.. kissing... you're going to end up with a ring around your lips that's very unattractive.

Instead of a colored lipliner, try using one that matches your skin exactly and lining the outside edge of your lips with it to keep the lipstick from feathering.  Yes, I did say match your skin.  Think of it like a concealer pencil, which is probably the product you're going to end up buying unless you can get your hands on the Reverse Lipliner by Cargo (only available in a few shades though).  You can even use some actual concealer just around the outside edge to lock in your lip color as well, although I know quite a few people who use it all over their lips to nude out their natural lipcolor and allow the lipstick color to be more "pure".

Which method do you prefer, concealer liner pencil or actual concealer?

1 comment:

  1. Hey I love that idea of using the lip pencil... I'm definitely going to have to get one!


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