Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Fashion Challenge Results!

Back on May 3rd I posted about my monthly challenge I've set up for myself to start incorporating new items into my wardrobe that will give me fashionable outfits to wear as a bit of a self esteem boost.  Here's the outfit I set out to create for May. 

The look consists of dark skinny jeans, a nude blazer, nude patent leather ballet flats, skinny bangles, large pearl earring studs, and a flowy neutral floral tank top.  This outfit is totally "me".  It's got soft feminine touches but still remains casual, and the neutral color palette means that the colors will mix and match perfectly with other items in my wardrobe already and to come.

Here's what I came up with on my budget of $100 and a day at the mall with my four year old.

While I was able to purchase all the items on my list, I didn't find everything I was looking for exactly.  The blazer and tank top were much harder to find than I expected. I ended up having to settle for an off-white blazer and a floral cotton tank with bright pink roses on it.  I do think I'll still get a lot of use out of those two items, as the tank is more casual than the inspiration top and I can dress it up with the blazer or dress it down with just the jeans.  The off-white blazer I wore recently for a photoshoot for some glam headshots, and it's a versatile staple for my closet.  I have blazers in every other neutral shade except for off-white!  The ballet flats I was able to nail though.  They look exactly like the photo and were a steal at only $16.99!

Jeans:  Celebrity Pink Jeans brand, purchased at Macy's for $29.50
Blazer:  Forever 21 for $29.50
Ballet Flats:  Lower East Side brand, purchased at Payless Shoes for $16.99
Bangles:  H & M for $5.95
Earrings:  My own
Tank Top:  Forever 21 for $8.80
Total Spent: $90.74

I think the biggest issue was finding the right blush tones for the blazer and tank top in the middle of May, when all the soft spring clothes had already been out for months here in Virginia.  The stores were filled with bright colors and patterns for the summer in more versatile fabrics than chiffon.

How do you think I did for my first month?

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  1. I love this outfit! The blazer is a steal, looks like the $100 aritzia one!


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