Friday, May 3, 2013

May Fashion Challenge

Are you fashion challenged?  I feel that in the past few years I've become one of "those moms" who really just lives in a pair of yoga pants and wears her hair in a pony tail all the time.  Growing up, I swore I'd never become like that, and even though now having been a mother for the past six and a half years as well as working from home the past five, I still want to get back to my semi-fashionable self and focus more on my appearance.  Not that I think appearances are everything, but because I understand that impact that it has on a woman's self esteem.

Just as we wear makeup not for others but for ourselves, the clothes we wear often reflect our moods as well.  When I put on makeup, it's to make myself feel good.  I know my husband could care less if I wore it.  He thinks I'm beautiful not matter what, but there's just something about a fun lipstick or eyeshadow that makes me feel extra womanly and attractive.  I don't know about you, but when I feel attractive, there's just a little extra something to the way I move and the way I talk.  It's subtle, but it's noticeable.  Plus, being in the beauty industry as a whole, I've got an image to represent! haha

I may still be a mom and still work from home, but that doesn't mean I have to dress solely for practicality anymore.  My children are old enough that my clothing choices are no longer governed by what can be ruined with spit up or grape juice.  I can wear earrings that dangle without fear that they'll be ripped out by the baby.  And with the kids in school I can take an hour or two on a weekday to get a mani/pedi at the local spa without rushing home to relieve my husband of babysitting duty.

All that being said, I'm setting both a challenge and budget for myself.  I've spent a good bit in the past week with a few essentials I need for the warmer weather ahead, but from now on I'm going to limit myself in spending for both beauty products and clothing and accessories.  I'm implementing my monthly "Fashion Challenge" and documenting my results here on the blog for all of you to follow along!

I've picked out outfits for the months of May, June, July, and August from collages I've pinned on my Pinterest Fashion Board, and I'm going to attempt to recreate them for under $100.  One new outfit per month to bring me out of my fashion slump and get some fresh items to my closet.  I've chosen fashion challenges that include of course the clothing but also shoes, jewelry, and accessories.  It will be a challenge for sure!  Starting in September, I'll be opening it up on the blog and Pinterest board for you guys to vote for your favorite challenge outfits!  Your input means a lot, so be sure to keep reading each month as I (hopefully!) meet my goals.

Here's my "Rules":
  1. I cannot spend more than $100 on any given outfit in its entirety.
  2. I can use no more than ONE item already in my closet, including jewelry.
  3. All items in the photo must be represented, although I can make minor substitutions based on availability of items and/or personal style.
  4. I have until the last day of the month to make my purchases. (Earlier actually, as I'm teaming up with a professional photographer to do a monthly mini-photoshoot for my Results posts! I'm looking forward to being on the other side of the lens for once!)

Here's what I've picked for the May Fashion Challenge.  I'm a jeans wearer, so to slowly get me out of my comfort zone I'm starting the first fashion challenge with an outfit that includes jeans.  But I never wear skinny jeans, so that's at least a step in a new direction.  A flirty floral tank, blush blazer and flats, plus some simple accessories.  What do you think?

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