Thursday, October 10, 2013

Product Review- e.l.f. Lock and Seal

e.l.f Makeup Lock and Seal Makeup Review

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Lock and Seal

From the Brand:
Increase the intensity of your makeup colors and lock it on instantly with Makeup Lock and Seal. Coat your eyeliner, shadow, lipsticks, blush, brow color and more for a sealed smudge-proof wear. The quick dry and easy to use formula keeps your makeup in place for hours. Say goodbye to makeup smudges and hello to makeup that stays put!

Retails for:  $3.00

Where to Buy:, select Target stores

My Thoughts:  If you didn't have to apply this with a brush, I think it would be a much better product. I though that I could just swipe the thin clear liquid over my eye makeup to set it into place all day, but it really just wiped it all off.  It was like taking a wet cotton swab and washing it off more than setting it.  You're supposed to use the dampened brush to apply the makeup to your skin, which seems a little counterproductive if you ask me.  The key to an amazing application really comes mostly from the brushes/tools you use to apply the makeup.  And not every look calls for a densely pigmented "wet" application that inhibits blending.  A spray application would make much better sense.  At least I can utilize it for those times when I do a wet foiled look with loose pigments, which in and of itself is still infrequent.  But it's better than letting the product go to waste completely.

I'm curious to see if anyone else has had a different experience with this product and would recommend it? Anyone?  Anyone?  Beuler?  Beuler?

Final Verdict:  I was super disappointed by this product.  I really hoped that it was an inexpensive alternative to setting sprays that I could swipe over the top of my eye makeup to lock it in place.  Not even worth wasting the $3 on.


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  1. Used it once. On one eye. Hahaha! Hated it. :/


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