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Product Review- Ageless Derma Eye Cream

Ageless Derma Eye Cream Review

Ageless Derma Eye Cream Review

From the Brand:
Ageless Derma Eye Cream is a powerful new anti-aging treatment that helps to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Its unique formula combines Retinol, the purest form of Vitamin A, with Vitamins C, E and K to soften the appearance of dark circles, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture around the delicate eye area.
Dark circles are bruises that appear when the delicate capillaries under the eyes get damaged. Vitamin K is excellent at healing broken capillaries, getting straight to the source of dark circles, and also adds volume to the skin to add further protection. Vitamin C, meanwhile, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making them less visible and less likely to break in the future, while Vitamin A, and particularly the dose provided by Retinol, effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Retails for:  $59.00

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My Thoughts:  You may have seen at the end of my review of the Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Cream review, I commented on how impressed I was with the face cream and wondered how good the eye cream was.  Well, soon enough there was a complimentary bottle of the Ageless Derma eye cream in my mailbox for me to test out!  It's been about two and a half months now that I've been using the eye cream several times a week, and I'm fairly confident I can give an honest review on it now.

First let's talk about the claims for reducing fine lines.  My profile may not show it due to my makeup skills and the photographers lighting and editing, but I do have some fine lines around my eyes.  In my late 20s, my eye area really started to show age much faster than anywhere else on my body.  My eyelids have started to fold over, my circles have gotten much much darker (although I blame that on two kids under 10!), and I've gotten an increasing number or severity of fine lines at the outside corners of my eyes.  Nothing too severe, mind you, but it is a daily reminder that my 20s are gone, and without constant prevention and maintenance my skin isn't going to bounce back the way it did when I was younger.

That being said, after using this eye cream for the past few months, the fine lines on the outside corners of my eyes have completely disappeared!  I knew that it was a potent combination of vitamins and Retinol, but I wasn't really expecting such a big difference.  I wish I'd taken a before photo to show a comparison.  I preach all the time about using an eye cream, and yet I'm one of those people who neglects their own advice all the time and forgets to put some on.  I'm sure that simple fact contributed immensely to the dryness around my eyes that was alleviated with the use of the eye cream, but I really think it was mainly the Retinol.

Even the label will tell you that it's not a daily eye cream if you have sensitive skin, and the Retinol will cause some peeling.  I would put it on before bed and after about 20 minutes, I could run my fingertip around the orbital bone and feel little bits of skin rolling off from the Retinol peeling the surface up to promote skin cell turnover.  It's both weird and cool at the same time.  Just be careful you don't get any in your actual eye.

The hydration provided by the eye cream is excellent for something that also promotes peeling.  It also absorbs really quickly, so I don't have to wait forever before putting on my concealer.  I do my eyes first and then the rest of my skin care products so that it has ample time to penetrate, but total time I'd say is no more than five minutes.  I usually brush my teeth or my hair and then get started on my makeup.  Or maybe make a cup of tea or coffee.

The only downside I'd say is that it hasn't helped much at all for my dark circles.  They are slightly less evident, and I have a multitude of issues that contribute to their intensity, so I wasn't expecting much.  I've tried every eye cream on the planet in the last ten years to no avail.  I think that over time with continued use the Vitamin K in this eye cream in combination with the Retinol and Vitamin C would improve it more, but in the two and a half months I've been using it I haven't seen the kind of improvement consumers have been conditioned by advertising to expect.  Therefore, I can't endorse this eye cream as one giving users a dramatic improvement in dark circles in a time frame they'd consider "long enough", and most people would probably stop using it and switch to another.  (Can you sense my frustration with modern skincare advertisements and consumer expectations?)  However, if you are willing to continue use for several months or more, I'm confident it would provide the significant improvement the majority of users would find appropriate.

Final Verdict:  Fantastic for plumping up and smoothing out fine lines around the eyes and with continued use could provide measurable improvement for dark circles.

**Disclaimer: As with all my product reviews, I was not paid by the cosmetic company to provide feedback or review/promote their products. All the opinions expressed in this article are my own. This product was provided to me for my consideration.. For more information on my policies, please view my Let's Chat page.

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