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Product Review- Pixi Beauty Blush

Pixi Beauty Blush Review

Pixi Beauty Blush Review

From the Brand:
Super-silky, youth-enhancing powder blush infused with skin-loving ingredients.

What it is formulated to do:
With added cheekbone-sculpting and moisture-trapping ingredients, this cashmere-silky treatment powder works to nourish skin while providing lush colour. We also infused it with rosehip extract for a vitamin boost and honeysuckle flower extract for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral pigments provide soft, sheer shades and a long-lasting and natural-looking finish. Talc free. Paraben free. Fragrance free.

Beneficial ingredients and what they do:
  • Honeysuckle flower extract provides anti-inflammatory properties
  • Rosehip extract hydrates skin
  • Jojoba oil softens and conditions skin
  • Vitamin E protects and nourishes skin

Retails for:  $16.00

Where to Buy:  Pixi, Select Target stores

My Thoughts:  These blushes are pretty good, but not exactly the high quality I'd expect for something that costs $16.  I'd expect to pay a little closer to $10 for these.  Perhaps it's all in the skin loving ingredients rather than in the pigmentation and longevity in the blush itself.  If you like natural ingredients and the convenience of finding them in stores, you might be the perfect consumer for Pixi Beauty.

I love that Pixi products are available at Target, where I can usually find a tester to try the product out first before purchasing.  Granted, this means that because it's a tester at Target it's usually so destroyed it's almost not worth trying, but I can also return it if it's just not a good fit for me.  Target's pretty good like that.

I'm not sure where I got this blush from to be honest.  I've had it in my blush box for the longest time and only every so often take it out to use it.  The color I have is called Purest Peach, and it's a soft peach color just as the name implies.  The texture of the blush is very velvety and soft, and it is a nice color if peach is your thing.  {I'm not much of a peach girl, so I'm pretty sure this made its way to me in some monthly subscription box over the years.}  It's also slightly shimmery, so if you prefer a matte flush of color you might want to skip it.

Besides the color not being one I wear much, despite the soft texture of the blush it doesn't have a lot of pigmentation and comes out very sheer.  You really have to build it up to get a noticeable color, and then it can start to look a bit chalky.  It's definitely suited to someone with fairer skin who really only needs a touch of color.  Since it is so sheer it also doesn't last very long and needs to be touched up.

I do have to comment on how adorable the packaging is though.  I'm a total sucker for fairies, and the light green packaging on all their products is very distinctive.  You can tell a Pixi Beauty product right away.  The plastic is a tad on the cheap side, but it's lightweight so it won't weigh down your makeup bag.

Final Verdict:  Overall, it is more of a drugstore quality blush worthy of a drugstore quality price tag instead of $16.  If you can find a tester to try out first and get a color that looks good on you, it might be better suited to your skin than mine. I'd just pair it over a cream blush first if you're expecting bolder color that lasts.


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