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Product Review- Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries QVC Set

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries QVC Set Review

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries Set from QVC

I got an email a few months ago about a new set coming out from Tarte available only on QVC.  It contained two brushes, their new mascara I was dying to try, plus their new BB concealer that's not even available anywhere else yet.  That alone was enough to compel me to buy, but there was more and it was a major value!  I'm happy to bring to you my findings on these new products after playing with them the past two weeks on a near daily basis.

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Primer and BB Tinted Undereye Corrector

BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer-  I thought it was going to be like other BB creams that I've tried, and I was honestly wondering what the difference between this and their BB Perfecting Liquid Foundation was.  Well, this is definitely a primer and not a traditional BB cream.  The tint might as well not even be there for the amount of coverage it has when you immediately apply it.  However, it's like there's some kind of magic in it, because by the time I'm done applying some of the BB undereye corrector to my dark circles and a big around the sides of my nose, it's like I've suddenly got a face of foundation.  I'm not sure what it is about this stuff that tricks my eyes into thinking that I've got more even skin than I do, but I'll take it!  As a primer, it does amazingly well, and I've been wearing it under my regular foundation every time since buying the set.  There is something in there though that is causing the slightest bit of irritation to my face, since I'm noticing a little bit of bumps/redness in my t-zone.  It's not enough to make me stop using the product, and I'm hoping my skin adjusts over time.  My foundation usually starts to settle in my pores after a few hours, no matter what primer I use, and with this even after a 10 hour day on set, my foundation was looking amazingly perfect.  It also feels like pure silk.  I love it!

Double Ended Bamboo Brush-  I haven't used this yet honestly.  It's not the style of brush I use on myself, since I prefer a sponge or bigger buffing style brush for my foundations, but it may work its way into my pro kit at some point.

BB Tinted Undereye Corrector-  If you've read my review on the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, you'll understand why I find this so amazing when I say it's like they figured a way to put the maracuja concealer into a pan.  At first I thought the color was a little too pink, but that was in the lighting in my office.  In my bathroom lighting and out in the real world it looks pretty perfect for my fair skin, and it's super super pigmented.  I don't know why they are calling it tinted.  It's way more than tinted.  It starts off kind of sticky, and if you don't set it with powder or put some foundation over the top of it, the sticky feeling doesn't fade.  This is one concealer I'll definitely always use under my foundation.  I really really hope they release this into their regular line soon.  I don't see it individually on the Tarte or QVC sites, and it's really an amazing concealer.

Dual Sided Diffuser Bamboo Concealer Brush-  The brush is almost as good as the concealer itself.  You can see in my photos that it's been well used!  I love the different textures of the hairs on each side.  The light side is perfect for applying the concealer, while the dark side is made to buff and blend it evenly over the surface for a perfect finish.  I don't know how well it would do with a more liquid concealer, but it's perfect for the BB one in the set.

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries QVC Set Review

Lights, Camera, Lashes Waterproof 12-Hour Inner Rim Liner-  This I wasn't a fan of at all.  I found that it didn't give a full coverage with one swipe, and once you go over the same area more than 2-3 times, it starts to remove the product rather than build it up. It seems to set that quickly.  I was able to keep it in place for several hours, but no where near the 12 hour claim, if I didn't actually touch the waterline, but you can wipe it away easily with the tip of your finger even after it's set.  If you want a more smudgey smokey effect, this will work well.  If you want a stark deeply pigmented line, skip it.

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries QVC Set Review

Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara-  I've used the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara for years, and I was excited when I saw this one released on the website a few weeks back.  I'd gone back and forth over whether I had time to review yet another mascara (trust me if you're getting bored with reading all the mascara reviews, imagine how bored I'm getting with writing them...), but when I saw it in the kit I knew it was meant to be that I review it.  And I'm glad I had the opportunity.  It's a unique brush as it has two different sides for applying and then combing the mascara through.  It's a similar concept to the Benefit They're Real! Mascara brush.  It's just as pokey, too.  I won't go into too much details now, as I am writing a separate review on the mascara of course later on.

LipSurgence Power Pigment in Awakening-  Another product I wasn't in love with.  It has some high points- it's super pigmented with just one quick swipe, and I love both the creamy hydrating feel and the peppermint flavor/tingle.  But the color just wasn't right for me.  It seemed to oxidize really quickly on my mouth and turned a weird orangey color, when it looks like a beautiful pink with only the slightest hints of peach.  If they come out with this in other shades, I'd love to try them out to see how they look on me.

Looking to add any of these products to your own makeup bag?  Check out for the BB Tinted Primer and Lights Camera Flashes Mascara now and be sure to keep checking back for when they launch the rest of the products.  You can also check out the selection of Tarte products available on for products I've never seen on the regular Tarte site!


  1. Ahh I've wanted to get this set since I first saw it! I love tarte's stuff <3

  2. Nice kit! Can't wait to see the review of the Lights, Camera, Flashes! mascara. I love mascaras and seeing what kind of amazing power they have ;)


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