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Product Review- Philosophy Lasting Hope Instant Refreshing Moisture Mask

Philosophy Lasting Hope Moisture Mask Review

Philosophy Lasting Hope Instant Refreshing Moisture Mask Review

From the Brand:

lasting hope is a hydrating, creamy gel mask that instantly moisturizes, refreshes and revitalizes the skin for a smoother, more supple complexion.

features and benefits

  • instantly hydrates skin
  • provides skin conditioning and antioxidant benefits
  • refreshes the skin for a smoother, more supple complexion

  • Retails for:  $25.00

    Where to Buy:  philosophy.com

    My Thoughts:  I think that this is by far one of my favorite products ever by Philosophy.  When my skin is feeling dry, tight, and just overall dehydrated, I know I can reach for this mask to instantly sooth and plump up my face.  It's not a thick cream, like other hydrating masks I've tried.  I've always used the Clarins HydraQuench mask (which I still absolutely love b-t-dubs), and that one is more like a thicker lotion consistency.  The Philosophy Lasting Hope Instant Refreshing Moisture Mask is more like a milky colored gel that glides over the surface of your skin and penetrates to quickly soften and hydrate your skin.

    It's two primary ingredients are water and glycerin, both of which help to hydrate the skin rapidly.  It also contains calming aloe leaf juice.  There's some controversy over whether or not lavender oil is irritating or calming to the skin, and if you're a fan of watching Wayne Goss on YouTube, you'll hear him talk all the time about how it doesn't belong in skincare products.  This mask does contain lavender oil, so if you know you're sensitive or allergic to this ingredient I'd stay away.  However, I have sensitive skin and have never had any problems at all with this mask or any other products containing lavender oil. 

    My favorite way to use this mask is actually in the shower.  I'll use my Oil of Olay cleansing brush and a nice creamy cleanser to buff away dead skin and create a smooth surface for the moisture in the mask to penetrate.  Then I apply a nice thick layer and finish up with washing my body or shaving my legs, etc.  The heat of the shower helps the mask sink in deeper.  You can also apply the mask once you've stepped out of the shower while your pores have been steamed open.  I find it much more effective than just applying it to plain dry skin.  After about 10 minutes, most of the mask has absorbed into my skin, but any residue I just wipe off with a damp washcloth and be on my way.  This makes a perfect prep for applying makeup, especially during the winter, and my makeup looks so much better when my skin is super full and soft.

    Final Verdict:  Worth every penny, and since you only need about a quarter size for your whole face, this tube will last you many months!


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