Tuesday, May 21, 2013

100 Day No Buy Challenge

So today I'm starting my 100 Day No Buy Challenge.  I read about it a few months ago on a couple of blogs that I follow, but I wasn't able to really start this until now.  (Can't remember who they were or else I'd totally link and credit them here!  If you're a blogger I follow and you've done this, please comment below so that others can read your challenge, too!)  Just getting back into blogging about makeup versus blogging about weddings for the past three years, the majority of my makeup has been for myself (and the same old routine for years!) or products that I've been using in my kit for years.  Most are limited edition palettes, etc that I buy at makeup shows or online through my pro discounts, and aren't that great for reviewing since it's not like people can go out and buy them anymore.

Enter massive shopping sprees in April and May to stock up on new brands, new products, and trendy items for product reviews and demos.  I've been watching YouTube like it's going out of style, especially the haul videos and monthly favorites.  Anything that seemed to be highly recommended by top gurus and bloggers alike I went out and got for myself to try.  It's been insanely fun to try out things I never thought I'd try (drugstore foundations!), and I've found a few gems I don't know how I lived without before.

Now that I'm fairly certain I've either experienced recently or in the past the vast majority of makeup brands to some extent and their most popular products, I'm going to be writing up a series of articles on my Top 10 Best.... products for the blog.  That being said, it's time I gave my credit card a serious break.  Plus, as my blog is gaining exposure, more opportunities are coming my way to test run products sent to me by brands.  I'm happy to try our free products and offer my honest opinion.  I won't take money for it, but free stuff? Yeah, I'm game.  I don't want to be known as one of those bloggers who only promotes something that's going to give her a kick back if you know what I mean.  Most of my articles I do try to include an affiliate link where the products can be purchased (usually through Ulta), because I do need to make at least some money off my blogging efforts.  As nice as it would be to just buy and try and write all of this for you, I do have bills to pay!  (So if you see something you like, I'd be eternally grateful if you used one of my links to help support my blog!)

But this is kind of all besides the point.  Point really is, I need to stop buying so much makeup or I'll never get in the black with this blog thing.  haha.  So I'm implementing a NO BUY CHALLENGE for myself for makeup, skincare, and haircare products effective today.  Until August 29th, I will not go on any more makeup hauls, skincare hauls, or hair product binges!  Here are the "rules" I've set for myself:

  1. I cannot make any purchases for my own use.  If I need to purchase something to restock my professional kit for work, I can.
  2. Some people had in their rules that they can purchase items that they run out of that they really need.  I think I have enough stuff stockpiled to last me at least the full 100 days.  I have more soap, shampoo, lotions, foundations, etc to probably get me through a zombie apocalypse and keep me looking damn good during it, too.  If I'm not buying, I'm quitting cold turkey.  I'm just an all or nothing kind of gal!
  3. I can still get spa services like mani/pedi's and facials.  If I had to give those up I think I'd lose it.
  4. I will still continue my monthly subscriptions to Glossybox, IPSY, etc.
  5. This does not apply to clothes, although I'm limiting new purchases to my monthly Fashion Challenges so that I don't jump from one shopping habit to another.
That's really all there is to it.  I'm keeping it fairly simple for myself.  I've always been a bit of a makeup hoarder, and I need to force myself to use up the things that I've bought before they go bad and get my reviews written before I go out and buy something new.  The money that I save I'll use to take my husband out for a nice dinner on vacation in August!  I'm sure he'll appreciate both the end to my shopping sprees and the steak I'm sure he'll order.

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