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August BeautyBox5 Review

August 2013 BeautyBox5 Box Review
August 2013 BeautyBox5 Box Review

August 2013 BeautyBox5 Box Review
The photo doesn't do this color justice.  It's a rainbow and silver glitter!

August 2013 Beauty Box 5 Subscription Contents: {This month's total full size retail value: $15.50}

Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow in Dancing Queen- Full Size $14.00 included
Another product to add to my collection from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics!  I now have a blush, which I adore and wore every day on vacation last week and a gloss which I haven't worked into my normal rotation but isn't a bad product.  This time I get to try out an eyeshadow, and the shade is a lovely light silver.  The formula is super silky feeling, but the color comes out a tiny bit sheerer than I would have expected.  Nonetheless, it's a lovely texture and shade.  It's not chunky or glittery, and I don't notice any fallout with it at all.  I'm excited to use this in the fall for some more dramatic smokey eyes.  I feel like this would be a perfect topcoat over a deeper gunmetal or even black for some sheen and a good highlight in the inner corners.

Swissco Nail File- Full Size $1.50 included
The "theme" this month seemed to be about skin and nails, with two lotions and two nail products making up the majority of the August BeautyBox5.  If there was any doubt about my favorite color, (psst... it's hot pink!)  this is the perfect file for me!  It's a black medium grit nail file on one side and a fine pink glitter on the other side.  I don't think the glitter side is meant to file your nails at all, just look pretty.  I tried it on my nail and got nothing but a few minor scratches instead of an even filing.  But the glitter didn't rub off during my testing, so that's nice.  Not that I'd probably have any problem with finding it leaking hot pink glitter all over my house or purse, but me and Ke$ha are just kindred souls that way.  And after 15 years, my husband is used to my glitter obsession!

H2O Plus Aquafirm + Micro Collagen Moisturizer- Full Size $50.00/1.7 oz, Sample Size $7.94/.27 oz
The sample is too small to contain an ingredients list, but it says it includes marine microspheres, so I had to go online to look the product up and do a little research.  I've heard of types of marine microspheres before being used in lip products to plump lips. They absorb the water in your lips and "puff up", causing a plumping action to the surrounding tissues.  It makes total sense to me that someone would start using it in a face cream to temporarily plump up fine lines!  They also use jojoba oil, which is a natural plant oil emollient that penetrates more deeply than mineral based emollients and helps lock in moisture.  I also copied this from the brand's website on the third main ingredient: Sea Nutrient Barrier: Powerful fusion of algae and oat extract creates a light veil on the skin, pulling surface cells closer together for an instant micro-lifting effect. The moisturizer itself is nice and lightweight, with a light scent that doesn't smell artificial and perfumey.  It absorbs quickly with no residue on the skin.  I was afraid I'd get a tingling feeling, like what you get with plumping lip products, but this didn't have that side effect.  My skin felt cool and refreshed instead.

Bask Heavenly Silk Daily Skin Lotion- Full Size $19.98/22 oz, Sample Size $1.81/2 oz
This is a lightweight body lotion with a fresh clean fragrance.  It absorbs quickly with no residue.  It didn't feel like it was a deeply hydrating formula, so my super dry skin soaked it right up and still felt a bit thirsty.  But that's the feeling I get from most lotions.  I need a deep penetrating thick cream to get any relief for my parched skin.  I think the average person would be quite satisfied with the hydration of this lotion, although there are drugstore brands that are much more cost efficient.

Nubar Nail Lacquer in Hologram Glitter- Full Size $8.00/.5 oz, Sample Size $4.00/.25 oz
By far, my favorite item in the box this month.  And surprise surprise, it had glitter.  This is an absolutely gorgeous silver and rainbow glitter nailpolish, and it contains no formaldehyde, phthalates, or toulene (which are listed as potential cancer-causing chemicals when exposed to in large amount).  If you are looking for a brand of nail polishes that do not contain these ingredients, I highly recommend this brand.  (Although I do highly encourage you to research the use of these ingredients yourself.  There is a lot of misinformation about them.)  This polish has won me over right off the bat.  It's a very fine glitter that doesn't clump or streak, and if you build up a few layers, you can get a fairly opaque coverage.  It's in a clear base, so it's also perfect for a topcoat over a solid color. Also a huge fan of any products made in the USA.

This month's box:  Hit or Miss?  I call this one a HIT.  The glitter nail file, glitter nail polish, and eyeshadow I know are going to become regulars in my routine.  Even though the "full size value" wasn't up there with previous boxes, the total value of the box itself was $25.25.  Considering I paid less than half of that for the box, it's a good deal in my book.

Is Beauty Box 5 for you?  Don't forget to use one of my subscription links below to sign up to receive your own box every month!

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