Thursday, September 19, 2013

Product Review- Too Faced Natural Rebel Collection

Too Faced Natural Rebel Lip, Natural at Night Eye Shadow Collection, and Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner

Too Faced Natural Rebel Collection Items- Natural At Night Sexy and Sultry Neutral Eye Shadow Collection (previously released), Perfect Eyes Waterproof and Tearproof Eyeliner in Espresso (previously released), Natural Rebel Neutral Color Lip Collection (new)

From the Brand: An ULTA Exclusive! The three-piece Natural Rebel Collection by Too Faced includes: Natural At Night Eye Shadow Collection with nine sexy, late-night neutrals. Natural Kiss Lip Collection palette with four shades that compliment all skin tones and create a polished "born this way" look to any natural beauty. Perfect Eyes Eye Liner in Espresso which glides on with the ease of liquid liner and locks down for 8+ hours of smudge-proof wear. Cruelty free.

Retails for: $36

Where to Buy: Ulta stores and

My Thoughts: I'll start with the eyeshadow palette.  This is the highlight of the set for me.  I think it's completely worth just buying this palette on its own to have in your makeup collection if you aren't in need (or want) a lip palette or another brown eyeliner.  It's nice a compact to fit in a small makeup bag, and it contains a great variety of neutral shades to give you varying eye makeup looks from super natural to super intense.  And it's newbie-friendly with its convenient grouping of the highlight shades on the left, lid colors in the center row, and the crease colors on the right, and it also groups the colors together into three coordinating looks.  There are two matte shades- Spotlight (highlight color) and Cocoa Star (crease color), three glittery shades- Full Moon and Night Light (highlight colors) and Night Fever (crease/accent color), and four satin shades- Nightcap, After Hours, and Moon Stone (lid colors) and Eclipse (crease color).  The "Night" look is brown based colors, the "Classic" look is pink based colors, and the "Fashion" look is yellow based colors, but they are all neutrals that work beautifully together in any combination.

The Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner is great, and I think I've mentioned it before here on the blog or on my YouTube channel how awesome it is.  It stays incredibly well in the waterline and comes out a very inky color.  It doesn't fade like some can.  The Perfect Espresso color is a very black brown, so it's a great option for people who don't want the starkness of a black but still want a deep intensity that's just a touch softer.  It's a great option for blondes or redheads!

The lip palette is great, because it's so small and compact.  It contains four shades plus a lip brush and generous sized mirror.  The colors don't have names, so I'll just describe them from left to right.  The farthest left color is more of a glittery gloss topcoat than a lipstick.  It's a nice tawny color without too much pink.  More of an irridescent golden color packed down on top of itself to give it an opaque look in the pan but a shimmery colorless effect on the lips. (I'm probably not doing it justice with that description, but hopefully you get the picture- it's a shimmer top coat and not an actual lipstick.)  The next shade over is a nice beige neutral lip color.  It's one step away from a light brown, with just enough natural lip flesh tone to it to keep it not looking so 1990s, and it has no shimmer to it at all.  It's a nice satin finish and a great "nude" color.  The next shade is my favorite- a pinky nude with a shimmery finish that isn't glittery at all.  In the pan it almost looks a tad frosty, but on the lips the shimmer just reflects light very evenly giving it an almost glossy look.  The far right color is the most intense of all, being a nice soft berry color.  It gives the effect almost of having eaten a plate of spaghetti or a popsicle and stained the lips but with an opaque consistency.  It's great for women who want a more pigmented lip color that will wear away to a beautiful natural looking finish rather than looking like you've eaten your lipstick off.

Final Verdict:  If you're interested in just a single piece of the collection, hop on over to and enjoy their free shipping on orders of $50 or more plus free samples.  If you're loving the whole collection, buy it from Ulta. Either way, I highly recommend any of them for their pigmentation and quality.  They are all a fantastic value!


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