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August Glossybox Review

August 2013 Glossybox Review
August 2013 Glossybox Review

August 2013 Glossybox Review

August 2013 Glossybox Review

August 2013 Glossybox Review

August 2013 Glossybox Review

August 2013 Glossybox Review

August 2013 Glossybox Subscription Contents:  {This month's total full size retail value: $84.99} Everything in this month's box was full size!

Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz:  Full Size $9/ 100 ml
I've never heard of this brand  before, but it looks like a decent brand.  The packaging doesn't look or feel cheap, and they have a modern yet vintage vibe (kind of like one of those rotten e-cards that you see all over the place in social media these days).  I'm a little hesitant, because it says that it contains lavender extract which I've heard is harsh on skin and can be irritating.  I'm on the fence about the whole lavender controversy, since I've always been told it's a calming ingredient. We'll see.  The smell reminds me of laundry detergent though, with the combination of lavender and peppermint and witch hazel.  If anyone has tried this product (through Glossybox or purchasing it on their own,) I'd love your feedback on it!

Novex Brazilian Keratin Hair Care Treatment Cream:  Full Size $4.99/ 3.5 oz
Another brand I've never heard of before.  It looks a little, um... unprofessional?  The shiney gold and hot pink label makes me think of the cheap ethnic hair care products in the back of Sally Beauty supply.  And somehow I just associate that cheap packaging with cheap products.  The ingredients look like a chemical supply sheet, with names I barely recognize, yet it calls itself "hair food".  With that kind of description, I'd expect at least something natural looking included, like an extract or two.  Maybe I'm just being too picky.  The smell isn't anything special, more like a generic body lotion scent.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush: Full Size $18.00/ .09 oz
This month's box was mostly brands I'd never heard of before, but this was one that looks like I'm going to like.  Each month Glossybox sends out an email with a hint as to what's going to be inside that month's box, and they gave away that this lip crayon was going to be included in the August box.  I can't find a shade name on it anywhere, so I'm going to assume that it is the Cranberry shade listed on the website rather than the Blush Pink.

ModelCo Eyeshadow Duo in Bronzed Goddess: Full Size $25.00/ 2 x .008 oz (each shadow)
While I like the quality of the ModelCo products I've received in the past through other subscription boxes (there seems to be many of the same brands over and over again in various subscription boxes all making the rounds these days), I was really disappointed in this eyeshadow duo.  The packaging is so cheap, thin plastic that feels like toy makeup rather than something that costs $25.  The lighter shade of the two is very chunky and glittery with a lot of fallout.  The brown shade is much better, way more pigmentation, but it's also got a lot of fallout and still not a high quality pigmentation or formula.  It really feels overall like something you'd find at a dollar store.  The lipstain back in the March Glossybox was their best product so far IMHO.

Sue Devitt Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder:  Full Size $28.00/  .35 oz
This is definitely the star of the box this month.  The color matches me perfectly right now, which I was so excited by.  I've heard of Sue Devitt but never had the opportunity to try any of their products.  The powder feels nice and velvety, and the ingredients list looks like it's perfect for sensitive skins and very nourishing for a powder.

There was also a cute denim makeup bag and a coupon for 30% off at Guess.

This month's box:  Hit or Miss?  The value of this box makes it a major hit.  While I'm on the fence initially about many of these products, only time will tell if they'll be something I rave about in the future.  Either way, the cute makeup bag and the pressed powder make it worth the investment for me, saving me about $8+ off of retail for what I paid for the box itself.  GLOSSYBOX continues to provide value in their boxes!

Is Glossybox for you?  Don't forget to use one of my subscription links below to sign up to receive your own box every month!

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