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Product Review- Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara Review
Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara Review

Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara Review


Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara Review 


From the Brand:   
  • Builds full, healthy-looking lashes without the brittle feel
  • Prevents loss of lashes with Quick Dissolve System that allows easy mascara removal
  • Advanced thickening formula with Vitamin E helps to soften and nourish lashes
  • No clumps, no globs
  • Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic

Retails for:   $7.49

Where to Buy:    Ulta Stores,, Walgreens, CVS, Grocery Stores, Walmart, Target, Wherever Drugstore brands are sold.

My Thoughts:   This is a nice waterproof formula for people with sensitive eyes.  It gives natural looking definition to the lashes without clumping, and it dries to a soft flexible finish.  I hate it when mascaras dry end leave my lashes feeling stiff and brittle.

The color has a good pigmentation with the very black color, and the consistency is neither too thick nor too thin.  The wand head is very similar to a standard disposable mascara wand, so it's nothing really to special but gets the job done better than some with unique shapes trying to be the "next big thing" in mascaras.

If you like a more dramatic look to your mascara/lashes, I'd either recommend putting on a pair of natural style false lashes and then using this mascara to blend the lashes together or layering the Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof Mascara on top of another formula that gives you more of the look you want.  The waterproof attributes of the Maybelline Full N Soft will glide on over the top without clumping up or ruining the effect of the bottom mascara, and it will help give it an added layer of moisture and humidity protection without giving you stiff uncomfortable lashes.

Final Verdict:  Great for a natural looking waterproof mascara look, but it's not going to give you a long or full lash look for those who want a more dramatic mascara effect.



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