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Product Review- Pixi Eye Glow Cube

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Review

Pixi Beauty Eye Glow Cube Review

From the Brand: Daylight-hued eye-glow-in-a-cube of silky coordinated lid-finishers wraps your lids in embellished lustrous metallics. Fresh, natural & youthful, this palette enhances with creamy gold, nude, caramel & warm bronze colours.

Beneficial ingredients and what they do:
  • Mica provides dense natural pigment
  • Vitamin E protects the skin

Retails for:  $28.00

Where to Buy: Pixi, may be available in some Target stores

My Thoughts: The packaging on this eyeshadow palette is super cute to look at, but when you hold it in your hand the plastic does feel a little cheap.  It's a lightweight lucite, and although I haven't tested it out by packing it and toting it around anywhere, I have the feeling in the back of my mind that it would crack somewhat easily.  But like I've said, I haven't tested that, so I could be way off base and it's just literally light in weight to make it less heavy for packing.  But it really is super cute!  I love the clear gem-like front to the case that shows off each eyeshadow pan color beautifully.

The colors themselves are a good range of neutrals to more dramatic colors like the burgundy and cool purple along with a deep slate with slight purple tones and a very wearable soft coral.  They have a good pigmentation and color payout, but I wish there were some matte shades.  They all have a satin finish that's a little too reflective to wear all over the lid without mixing in a matte somewhere.

Pixi Beauty Eye Glow Cube Eyeshadows

At first I though the two large pans in the slide out drawer were a blush and a highlighter, but the packaging called them some kind of priming shadow base.  (I threw away the box, so I can't go back and double check exactly now. Sorry!)  I'm not sure how exactly you're supposed to use them, but they make a nice highlighter for the lighter shimmery color, and a soft matte pink tone for eyes or very pale cheeks.  I don't think overall they add much value to the eye shadow palette as a whole, but I'm sure you can find creative ways to utilize them for your own routine and needs.

The finish of the eyeshadows is nice and velvety with very little fallout, and they feel nice on the skin.  They don't look or feel chalky, and they wear decently on their own with no primer.  Although, the way they wear will depend highly on how you apply them, whether your lids are oily or not, and if you use a high quality primer like the Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer.

Final Verdict:  Overall, I really like this eyeshadow palette.  I got it through IPSY, during a limited time sale using their YouTube channel.  It was really confusing, and I wasn't sure I had even gotten it (you had to be an IPSY member and comment on the video, and then they selected people who qualified and charged the card you have on file with them) until suddenly I got a shipping notification in my email inbox.  I only paid $16.99 I think, but for the quality of the shadows and the number of them (16) in the set $28 is a great value.  Especially when you compare it to other high end brands who will sell you a quad for the same price.


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